What My Clients Say!

David Donhoff – Liz really kicks butt in managing our technology (software, applications, databases, archiving, updates, settings,) and our electronic marketing (webmastering, email campaign management, graphic art, conceptual creativitiy.) I recommend her!

Sherene Kershner – Liz Rickaby proved to be an invaluable resource to my small business when I needed contract technical support. I migrated my client database to a new ACT-based system, and she kept everything on track and running smoothly. Because she is methodical and plans very carefully, all data was soon available and usable in the new system. The inevitable glitches were handled efficiently and creatively. Liz is responsive, knowledgeable and resourceful. We also used her for small internet & print design projects which turned out great! Liz made it feel like we had full-time support with her focus and attention to our needs.

Eustace Mazila – Liz Rickaby, is a dedicated professional in website development / design with a high respect towards her clients. She is a hard working individual, highly committed to honoring client’s expectations, aspirations, and complete within the prescribed period. I worked with Liz in 2009, when she designed the Caprivi-Vision Newspaper’s website (www.Caprivivision.com). A piece of work that satisfied the  vision, and desire of the staff at the Caprivi-Vision newspaper. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Liz Rickaby to others to make her their first choice web designer, because they will never be disappointed for choosing her.